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A women skiing on the mountains wearing vibrant clothing in the style of a japanese poster
Change the hat the woman is wearing
into a ski mask

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An AI image generator for designers, marketers, and agencies

A beautiful greek goddess standing in golden light, hyperrealistic and 4K
A city skyline with colours of purple, pink and dark during the sunset

How it works

It’s that easy to generate something beautiful.

A library of powerful
features in a single interface

Get all the same and more features in Journey+ to speed up your workflow and get a design closer to your imagination.

Midjourney™ Image Generation

Powered by Midjourney™ v6 for high quality image generation to level up your designs

Upload & Blend Images

Blend (up to 5) images or create images in an uploaded style

Dynamic Frames & Aspect Ratios

Change your canvas to common
digital aspect ratios such as 1:1 or 16:9

Image History

Jump across your generated image history with ease via the history panel

Image Variance & Editing

Change generated images towards your liking

Zoom Out

Zoom out and expand your images

Use cases

Choose your plan and unlock unlimited usage.

Made with Journey+

See how people asre using Journey+ to create next-level designs for their marketing, design, social media, and businesses.

an animated library
The woolly mammoth in real-life
D&D themed war party find themselves 
lost in Times Square
Portrait of a 22 year old man with brown hair and brown eyes, unshaved, light blue background
a editorial for vogue of Christy Turlington dressed in Céline sleeping on a billion apples
salmon and tuna sashimi
Blurry moving polaroid of teenager sticking his head out the window of a moving car at night in a city.
beautiful woman in a white dress, coastal photoshoot
bright orange shelf mushrooms on the side of a tree stump, watercolour
An interior photograph of a luxury hotel typical Italian style with a view of the bay of naples Amalfi coast through the window

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the below if you have any more burning questions about Journey+ and what we're building

What features does Journey+ offer and how are they different from Midjourney™?

Midjourney™ has been restricted to only discord. We leverage in-house tools to mimic discord into a interface that can be used by anyone.

In particular, we are providing an intuitive interface to easily generate and customise images via traced selection variants and image history.

Midjourney™ Trademark is a trademark of Midjourney™, Inc. We are not endorsed by or affiliated with Midjourney™, Inc.

What is your refund policy?

Learn more about our refund policy here.

Who is behind the product?

Journey+ is built by a team at Halation. We are venture studio building design-focused products.

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